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Animal Toys

Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set, Barnyard sounds bring this farm to life as curious little ones learn to imitate what animals say (something toddlers love to do!) It even plays "Old MacDonald!"

Hungry Hungry Hippos, This game is fast-paced and riotous for kids who get to take turns popping a white marble into the ring, then furiously pressing on their hippo's levered tail to catch the prize.

Furby, black & white, ultimate combination of advanced technology, realistic lifelike emotions and movements. FURBY features voice recognition - now Furby can really understand what you say, can really talk back to you and to another Furby.

Roboraptor comes fully assembled and ready to roam the earth with his robotic dinosaur cousins. He has movable arms, swiveling head, a sweeping tail, and a chomping jaw full of pointy teeth.

Fur Real Friends: Scamps My Playful Pup, ready to please, plush puppy responds to verbal commands with a host of tricks like howling, sitting, shaking, and waving.

Animal Planet Jumbo Dino PlaySet, There are 14 dinosaurs in this set, which is enough to create an elaborate prehistoric story whether playing independently, parallel to another or cooperatively with friends. The set is even portable, so when you're ready to reenact extinction, simply fold it and go.

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